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Powering Your Transformation with Technology-based Analytics and Services

To accelerate strategic and operational change, and drive new healthcare value.

At IMS Brogan, our mission is to help clients keep pace with change, adapt quickly and meaningfully to the new market realities, and respond to changes with greater precision.

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Lead in the Era of Intelligence

Best-in-class, cloud-based, SaaS applications designed for commercial operations and powered by IMS One.

Nexxus Marketing: Coordinate execution across all channels and automate adaptive, personalized customer journeys.

Nexxus Sales: Fully integrated tools, surface insights from vast and complex data sets to deliver value in stakeholder interactions.

Nexxus Social Media: Listening capabilities run through healthcare-specific ontologies make social media engagement possible.

Nexxus Performance: Best-of-breed, turnkey solutions eliminate blind spots in performance management and harmonize KPIs across all roles.

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IMS Brogan and St. Michael’s HUB Health Research Solutions to Further Real World Evidence (RWE) Research in Canada and Beyond

IMS Brogan is collaborating with The HUB Health Research Solutions at St. Michael's Hospital to further real world evidence research in Canada and beyond. The HUB and IMS will marry world-class design, methodology, and clinical expertise with real world primary data from millions of local and international patients to generate new and exciting real world evidence for clinicians and policy decision makers.

To learn more about HUB Health Research Solutions, click here.

To access our entire RWE bibliography and related information, click here.

Smart Business Solutions for Small and Mid-Size customers

Click here to view the online brochure and to learn more about solutions that can help enhance your business, strategic and portfolio planning, as well as inform your commercial position with IMS Health's sales, prescription, patient and competitor information.

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