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Primary Market Research

IMS Brogan's primary market research consulting capabilities leverage the power of our proprietary methodologies resulting in insights and true business intelligence. We employ both qualitative and quantitative research techniques with a unique analytical process. It links primary market research results to physicians' actual prescribing behaviors for unsurpassed insights into your customer's needs. The IMS Brogan consulting team understands your challenges and utilizes evidence-based consulting and innovative approaches to provide the optimal solution to meet your needs and identify opportunities for your product. Moreover, IMS Brogan is uniquely positioned to link primary market research to actual physicians' prescribing, resulting in unsurpassed insights for your brand. Our Primary Research team's cutting edge analytics and innovative solutions deliver unique depth and value for our clients:

  • Solution-focused methods
  • Method design expertise
  • Expansive market knowledge (both client and supplier backgrounds)
  • Rapid turnaround with timely deliverables
  • Comprehensive statistical analyses
  • Project management expertise
  • Efficient data collection
  • Insightful and concise study reporting
  • Actionable recommendations

By harnessing the power of evidence, clients can make confident decisions, secure in the knowledge that the strategies adopted leverage the best information, analytics and expertise in the business. The optimal solution that is adopted uses every relevant and available data point, incorporates local market dynamics, and considers the final impact on your brand's success.

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