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Competitive War Gaming

Competitive Gaming enables the understanding of an organization and its competitors, and provides a consistent framework for structuring competitive decision-making. Game Theory is well-planned competitive strategy that cannot be affected by a competitor’s actions, as they are already a part of the plan. IMS Brogan’s Market Access experts and specialists leverage well-established theory-based decision, while creating methodologies to influence decisions where needed.

Our Market Access experts develop competitive simulations to help you understand the challenges, and prioritize your brand access strategies by:

  • Leveraging the multidisciplinary team within your organization by breaking down silos
  • Developing pre-event preparation, which is critical, and includes insights from market access metrics
  • Creating a workshop format, facilitated by our Market Access experts, that provides multiple exercises to enable your team to work through key areas of strategic focus

Competitive War Gaming by IMS Brogan allows you to test and prioritize multiple scenarios, anticipate competitor and payer strategies, and develop counter-strategies. It helps you prepare and align for upcoming challenges by developing and prioritizing strategies that need
to be implemented, and enables you to logically collaborate with your teams about market access, and the potential market reactions you should be prepared for.

Responses are analyzed and compared in real-time throughout the simulation to determine if the simulation activity changed the participants perception of the future for the brand.

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