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IMS One Platform

The First Intelligent Cloud Platform for Healthcare

IMS One offers a secure, single point of access to pre-curated, provisioned information that integrates IMS Health information with the client’s internal information, as well as third-party and public information, ensuring that the organization is completely synchronized. And because IMS One is a hosted platform, companies get all the benefits of the cloud, from lower costs and faster implementation, to reduced complexity and increased speed to insight.

Clients can also connect all of their disparate applications through IMS One, giving them shared access to common sets of data. So when information changes in one application, those changes are reflected throughout all of the applications connected to IMS One. Organizations can confidently adopt IMS One as the source of master data because it provides a single version of the truth for key information assets and synchronizes that view across the enterprise.

To enable clients to gain even more value from IMS One, IMS Health has developed the Nexxus Commercial Application Suite. With tight integration across IMS One and the application suites, provisioning of data is seamless. Companies can perform real-time analytics to get accurate patient-level insights, conduct near real-time ROI analysis and gain the intelligence they need to quickly make mission-critical decisions.

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