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Nexxus Patient

Nexxus Patient, IMS Brogan’s patient communications and outreach solution, enables clinicians to extend care and communicate with patients, families and community care professionals.  Communications via Nexxus Patient can be personalized, for each patient’s specific stage in their care journey including: post-discharge care package, questionnaires/Surveys, notification of results, additional care support (e.g. educational events, support groups, other care options in community)

  • Coordinated, automated and personalized patient communication throughout a patient’s clinical pathway
  • Instantaneous and secure two-way communication
  • Embedded analytics to monitor success and identify areas for improvement

Operational Efficiency

  • Automate communications to reduce labor-intensive clerical time and effort
  • Reduced total cost per patient through greater self-care and participation in rehabilitation
  • Fewer missed appointments leading to more efficient operations
  • Lower printing and production costs through electronic information sharing

Consistent and Effective Patient Communication and Feedback

  • Repeatable, dependable information sharing with patients
  • Ability to communicate changes or new evidence immediately to patients
  • Improved patient education and understanding of care plan and self-care
  • Centralized and accessible repository of patient communication and feedback
  • Minimal dependency on IT; solution works with all existing EMR systems

Connected Care Communications

  • Enables continuous communication with patients, families and community care providers via emails and surveys, etc.
  • Shortens care response time. Based on feedback from patient survey or results of test/treatment, next logical intervention point in the pathway can be triggered
  • Consolidates all communication and inputs into a single repository and provides real-time response scorecards
  • Accelerates patient care by automating the treatment pathway with business rules for the next logical step

Technology & Applications

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