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Enhanced Tumour Studies (ETS)

Enhanced Tumour Studies (ETS) is a syndicated report supporting insights into prescribing and utilization patterns for Oncology markets in Canada.  The reports are generated on a robust sample of patient record data which answer strategic business questions including but not limited to:

  • Product and regimen share by stage and diagnosis intent
  • Line of therapy
  • Duration of therapy
  • Demographic splits
  • ECOG status
  • Testing and surgery information
  • Co-morbidities, etc. 

The reporting provides a complete picture of the patients treatment with  both oral and IV treatment represented.  ETS will also include a complete picture of treatment choices in Canada including Clinical trial information.  Since the sampling is distributed across Canada, a complete and accurate representation of treatment patterns are presented without bias of decisions made by regional/provincial Cancer Boards or hospitals.  Analysis can be customized to your requirements to answer specific business questions. 


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